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40-foot HARD TOP container

     Containers with a removable hard top are specialized and used relatively rarely. They are designed for multimodal transportation of goods with significant weight. They were given the designation HT (Hard Top), which can be translated as a rigid roof.






Advantages of containers with hard top

     The cost of 40 ft HARD TOP container is higher than with a fixed or removable soft top. The use of metal roof has a number of advantages:

          • Increases degree of protection of the goods from external factors;

          • The container does not lose its hardness, like in the case of using canvas top;

          • In the absence of specialized goods it will not idle, and can be used as an ordinary container.

Structural features of HARD TOP containers

     The price of sea 40-ton HARD TOP container is determined by its structural features and it is slightly higher than the cost of sealed containers of similar size.

          1. The presence of removable top requires the use of additional locking elements for a secure fit;

          2. There is a possibility to remove the beam above the end door of the container, which allows the loading of bulky cargo with a loader, and not only with the help of a crane;

          3. If necessary, the roof can be mounted along one of the side walls, which will reduce the internal volume of the container, but will allow you to transport the equipment with dimensions exceeding the height of the container.

     New HARD TOP containers of 40-feet on request can always be offered to the customers by FUTOVIK Company. The use of containers with removable hard top greatly speeds up the process of loading and unloading with the use of productive equipment. The use of 40HT containers is appropriate for the carriage of granite, unique technological equipment, that requires loading with a crane and maximum protection against atmospheric impact.

     To buy a used 40 HT container inexpensively and in excellent condition is possible at container terminals of FUTOVIK. Their further use is possible not only for transportation of any goods by car or by railway, but also as the basis for the construction of buildings for various purposes. Besides, removable top can be used separately from the container.