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Sending of mechanisms and equipment in containers with the use of modern methods of loading

40 ft container is approximately a bus without wheels. Such ordinary bus can be transported in the container. Sending of different mechanisms in standard dry cargo containers is quite common. And not only buses, but also a large number of cranes, mechanisms can be placed in a container. And yes, we mean large mechanism, like a large passenger bus. Savings on shipping in containers warrant such a scheme. We compare container shipment of equipment with the transportation of this equipment in an open way, bulk. The efficiency of container delivery of mechanisms is proven with many supplies. A large volume of containers was sent by land and by sea, and practical testing was carried out. The use of containers for non-standard sending is very profitable. This scheme is worked out both by producers and recipients. Height of cargo container is slightly less than 3 meters. How such mechanisms which have more than 4 and 5 meters in height can be placed in sea containers? Let's look it thoroughly.

Each mechanism is assembled in the factory. So for container shipping of new equipment a manufacturer can stay some parts are unassembled and load them into the container. Final assembly and adjustment can be easily done on site. Modern software solutions help engineers to build packages without adjustment in loading. Thus, this procedure is quite easy to apply for new equipment; and due to transport and industrial cooperation foreign technology becomes attractive for many companies-traders. But if it looks really not difficult with new technology, loading of used mechanisms is not so simple. Disassembly is always more difficult than building. There is always a risk that any part may be damaged that will delay the shipment and will increase the cost of the equipment. This situation is profitable for neither selling company, nor for other participants of the transaction.

Disassembly must be controlled in order a working mechanism not to become just iron that cannot be operated after delivery to the recipient. Our company organizes the service of the survey with guarantee and the conclusion of a technical specialist. This procedure is of interest to senders and to our customers. Both sides are insured from the actions of the other side; and if there will be a real damage during transportation they will easily get a refund from the insurance company.

We began this section with comparing the container with the bus. Of course, besides buses, cars of different sizes can be transported in containers, but buses are really interesting goods. To place them in the container we should remove their wheels. This makes the task be easier, but it does not give the desired size. That’s why the bus’s roof is cut off. Our team can solve even serious transport problems. We are ready to implement any container shipping.