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Services for containers in St. Petersburg. Transportation of containers from the stations and terminals to the port. Purchase and sale of containers.

Containers in St. Petersburg are of demand as in any port city. Northern logistics gate of Russia has several container port terminals. In addition to the port zones container storage is provided with dry terminals. Many of the world container lines have their container store in St. Petersburg. Container depots in Saint Petersburg are occupied almost all year round regardless of season. 

Container sending in St. Petersburg is possible by all types of transport. The main container turnover of St. Petersburg is export and import transportation of containers. Our company works on shipments with the following terminals:

We also organize transportation of containers within St. Petersburg, work with container shipments by railway with every station of St. Petersburg, carry out reloading of goods from containers to another type of transport, organize cabotage services with containers in various areas.

To buy the container in St. Petersburg or to arrange delivery of the container with our company is equally simple. We know the specifics of St. Petersburg for working with containers; this makes easier to remove the container from the port with a container car or arrange transportation of the container directly from the terminal by railway container train in the direction to Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk. You can take ferry service to ship containers from St. Petersburg to Europe. Containers to Kaliningrad are also shipped without unnecessary transit clearance in St. Petersburg.

A large flow of containers is moving via St. Petersburg in transit. Container terminals have to compete with ports of Europe for attracting of containers to St. Petersburg. As this is the only northern harbor of Russia today, so the supply with products for a significant part of Central Russia depends on work of the whole group of terminals. St. Petersburg port withstands the load, expands the possibilities for container handling, increases capacity of tracks and stations for effective functioning in the future.