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Purchase and selling of workmen’s shelters . New and used containers for any household purpose.

Household containers, or workmen’s shelters, can be made in any configuration. Such containers are used for household needs, not for cargo transportation, so the load on the containers is significantly lower, and therefore, there is no need to use the same materials as in sea and railway containers in the construction of household containers. Workmen’s shelters can be metal, wooden and of combined materials. And the metal workmen’s shelters can be remodeled from standard 20 ft and 40 ft containers with adding some necessary elements. Workmen’s shelters, like all other containers, can be used as a warehouse and for accommodation and lodging people in them. The quality of cabins depends on the quality of materials used during construction. Typically, manufacturers are trying to make cabins of cheap materials that their product was designed for the needs of most customers. But it’s also possible to produce them enhanced and ecologically friendly; their content will depend on the functionality required. Their sizes are also not strongly tied to any standards. Of course, a large part of containers made for sale are mostly typical to each other in size, but to make an individual household cabin on any designs is also  possible. The cost of household containers made to order is calculated individually for each request. The purpose of the container and its internal performance can be various, there are no rules and criteria, and each container can combine many facilities.

There is a market demand and supply conditions for new containers and used household blocks. Besides, if the used container is without serious defects, its price and of a new cabin is almost identical, so many customers prefer to buy metal or wooden containers in good quality or even new. And to check containers and assess its condition is very simple. When viewing pay attention to the condition of internal elements, and the technical details; walls and ceiling are almost not worn out during careful operation of the container. Delivery of household containers can be performed with a manipulator, if the dimensions allow it. When the manipulator can't do the shipping and unloading of the container, there are several solutions. One of them is to use the onboard machine or low trawl when the size of the container is much beyond the allowable cargo dimensions. On unloading they are shed off with crane. The second solution is to build the cabin with modules of the standard size elements, and to make assembly on customer’s area. Both methods are equally justified and it’s possible to do the calculation for comparison of variants of delivery and assembly.


Workmen’s shelters are built in many regions. The number of producers is high, but the quality is almost the same. New and used containers are issued a guarantee. When an insurance case occurs repair does not take much time. Containers for southern latitudes are different from containers operated in the North. By request insulation of workmen’s shelters is added with more layers. Each container is made according to the state standards of GOST and withstands the load, regardless of the level of technical performance.

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