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Services for containers for tracking of cargo, distance calculation, the purchase of the container and its reservation on the website.

For the convenience of our clients we have complemented our online services on cargo and container operations, transportation, purchase and sale and reservation of containers.
The service TRACKING of your cargo container shipping
On-line tracking
it allows real-time view the status of the container, its location and other operations with clients. It’s extremely convenient, because the information is updated automatically and is faster than it is possible when dealing with the Manager. The customer can monitor the performance of his carriage.

On-line monitoring

The service CALCULATION OF THE DISTANCE implies the actual laying of the shortest route for container haulage.

Calculation of distances

the customer can look at the number of kilometers in the delivery of containers by motor transport and estimate the cost of transportation and approximate date of delivery at the specified route.
Service on control of container shipping by sea


is extensive way to view the status of dispatch of the container when using sea service and port areas. In this service even clients of another transport companies can monitor the status of the container loading on a vessel, the date of departure and arrival in the port terminals and processing of containers. The majority of container lines are presented.
Service on the selection and reservation of a container when purchased

Selection of the container
We provide containers to the visual quality selection in various cities. Each container is available for booking through the website. Filter on cities and types of containers easily fit for selection of a suitable container and at the price and on its technical condition where a need in this container is.