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The intergrated services for containers. Delivery by railway, by sea and by trucks. Storage of containers. Purchasing and selling.

Our company provides all possible services for containers. Among them, there is container transportation by different methods of transport: by sea, by rail, by trucks in various directions. Delivery is carried out as inside the country as all over the world. Transport and container are selected according to the cargo, its characteristics, requirements for delivery and the way of loading and unloading. We work with all types of containers, so we can arrange delivery of the goods inspite of its physical properties (bulk and liquid cargo) and delivery requirements (oversized and goods requiring temperature control). For each shipment good totally enclosed containers are guaranteed. Such a freight container is inspected for suitability under shipment by sea and railway. Everything concerning container shipping is described in detail in the relevant sections of the website.

In addition to transportation, our company provides services for storage of cargo in containers and storage of containers. This service is provided to all cities of Russia and abroad. For storage of containers the railway stations are also used, because they also provide the service of storage for a short period of time. The containers are also stored in terminals adapted to long-term accommodation of this kind of package. Each container is a metal container. Its greatest strength is the guarantee of safety of the goods, placed in it. Besides storage of containers at terminals and railway stations, port sea zones and others, containers themselves are also can be used as a warehouse for storage as previously carried cargo, and temporary storage of surplus production. Based on the fact that the container is a universal container, its using for the transportation or as a warehouse is possible at any time of operation.

One more main service of our company is the purchase and sale of containers. We buy and sell all types of containers in Russia and abroad. Coverage of container transportations of all countries of the world corresponds to the offer to buy or sell containers. For most clients service on transportation is combined with the purchase of container for shipping. The owner of the cargo is the owner of packaging, and therefore he disposes of the container equipment on arrival at the destination and it does not occur to the costs of returning the empty container to the depot home. As it’s mentioned above, this shipping container you can continue to use for a warehouse for indefinite time, and that will not affect the possibility of its using in the future by rail or by sea, or by trucks. One of the special condition of sale and purchase of containers is to provide the lease. In accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract the customer takes a container for temporary use. Dry and refrigerated containers and other specialized containers are provided.