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Project logistics

Project logistics is convenient to use for the full range of services for companies. Project logistics provides for needs in transport and realize shipping with all methods: by trucks, by air, by railway, in wagons and containers. We provide combined shipping by sea and by land. Besides, we provide warehousing operations on processing and storage of cargo, customs clearance and support for clearance of goods for our clients.  The convenience of integrated services from a single company consists in that due to the greater volume of attracted cargo, we have preferences from owners of rolling stock, warehouses, vehicles, therefore the profit of the company is formed at the expense of economy of means, but not at the expense of extra charges. So, the level of prices in the whole complex of services is maintained at the market level, not exceeding a standard offer each service separately. But at the same time the service is professional and at the expense of the complex all responsibility and control shall be for the client one company, which in turn greatly facilitates structural and operational actions of the burden of logistics of the customer.

The level of outsourcing worldwide logistics is increasing every year. It is connected directly with the fact that it is easier and cheaper to trust specialized companies their transport and other logistical concerns. The staff of our company is also supplied directly under the volumes of customers, but it does not mean that the duties on each employee are increased with a new client. It is just the opposite. Due to the efficient allocation control of every stage of the logistics it is easier to handle any cargo during transportation or storage and customs area of responsibility.

Our projects affect both small cargo owners and large companies. We take on the maintenance transportation services separately and full logistics support of business of our clients. The level of responsibility of our company is based on the Contract. As a rule, the cost of services for project logistics is built from the lowest market cost and added to this commission. Today for the company earning on logistic services for cargo and containers, it is important to keep its reputation as a responsible partner, and therefore we previously study an opportunity to take under its provision of a new client without loss of quality services. Thus we guarantee both ourselves and our customers that their projects in logistics will be adequately served by our managers.