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Fright shipping in containers. Shipping by railway in combination with shipping by sea and by trucks. Container shipping by all possible ways.

We are able to deliver containers with all possible methods of delivery and routes. Container shipping is probably the most frequently used way of delivery. Containers are the universal packing for different goods. Container shipping can be done as easily by trucks, as by sea and by railway. Moreover, the combination of these methods is used more frequently than they are taken separately. All world routes of container shipping combine sea shipping, then shipping by railway and the finally the cargo is driven to the addressee by trucks. If it were not containers, we had to reload cargo every time when we change the method of delivery, that can influence negatively on goods safety and quality. For most consignors and consignees the method of delivery when their cargo is reloaded without their presence is unacceptable part of shipping.

Our routes of shipping include container shipping in city by trucks, intercity shipping by railway and by trucks also, international container shipping by sea, by railway and by trucks. Our operational experience allows us to organize your cargo shipping by all possible way. We work with all possible kinds of containers that let us take any cargo if there is no any limitation. Container shipping is possible not only for cargo in boxes and pallets. It can be fulfilled for bulked cargo as well.  We can also ship oversized goods in containers with overload, access from both sides or from any side. This will help to keep goods in good condition and with minimum of damage risks.

But in spite of all advantages of container shipping, there are important limitations for cargo shipping. First of all it concerns heavy cargo. As the container walls are firm but thin (about 3 mm), cargo pressure on the walls can cause damage of the container and lead to cracking while shipping. To prevent such problem it’s necessary to fix the goods according to the requirements that allow using containers without any harm. In case if cargo can’t be fixed properly it’s better to use a railway coach or gondola for safety.