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Advantages of company FUTOVIK

In comparison with other participants of the container market we have main advantages that are highlighted in our coordinated work. There are some of them that describe our positive quality in the providing container services to our clients.

·         We are available for communication with our customers 24 hours a day. This is a fundamental decision for a logistics company working with containers. Partners and customers can ask questions or get advice in any form at any time. Such form of relationship with clients is available only with FUTOVIK.

·         Our relationship with our clients develops personally, remotely and on-line in automatic mode, no matter if a client is new or permanent. We gather a package of electronic services, regardless of time of working with us, to remain any client in contact with us and for the customers to have all the operational information for each of the ordered service.

·         The order of payment for our company is very diverse. It is possible to pay after all services are performed, providing services on credit or by installment. We can agree the form of payments from the moment of the first transaction for the customer to understand what mutual loyalty level is depends on.

·         Any customer can view all documents in his personal account without spending time for writing requests and waiting for a reply.

·         Even if the client cooperates with other transport company in his container shipments, he may collect information about all of his transport containers on our website. This service is arranged free of charge.

·         We give a REAL guarantee for realized containers. Each container bought in our company can be preliminary tested and the buyer can be sure that after receiving the goods he will get warranty service.

·         FUTOVIK provides the full complex of services for containers and cargo in containers starting from the search of the cargo to its delivery to the customer. Working with us our clients pass all intermediaries, thus gives large advantages in the economic development of their company.

Our company looks into the future, but keeps all the achievements of the past to prove being the best for our clients. We welcome any customer. If you didn't find any service you want on our website, so you can ask us a question about it, because it is not possible to describe all the features on the site, but whatever we do, we do it with the responsibility of a leader.