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Services for purchase and sale of railway containers and freight sea-service containers and warehouse containers. New and used containers

       We provide our service for purchase and sale of containers in many cities of Russia and the whole world. You can buy new containers and used containers. They can be of various purposes: for shipping by sea, by railway, for warehouse. We try and update our data base of the containers for selling. However, the most required 20DC and 40DC are always available. They are always in demand, that’s why they are always available. All the containers are supplied with the inspection report of their operating condition as a guarantee of their next appropriate using for shipping or warehouse. All the containers are cleansed that’s why selling them we take responsibility about the containers guarantee.

     Besides standard 20DC and 40DC, there are a lot of metal containers that are as usual ones free used in shipping by railway and by sea but they are less offered. They can be from 10 feet till 45 feet with the same system of fixing as 20DC and 40DC have. There are also containers with open top, containers with 2 gates, containers with drop sides and others. Apart of them there are containers with additional rigs. There are refrigerators. The container’s price is depends on its operating condition, repair, absence of dents and rust. Metal totally enclosed container has no holes and other damages in the walls or ceiling, but also offered with complete set of rubber seals. If the doors of the container are not shut tightly, this container is not totally enclosed and therefore it’s necessary to look at the lock units.

     Containers can be new and used. It’s clear that new containers don’t have any defects in contrast to the used ones that are of different condition. But a used container can be much different from another one of the same year of production. You shouldn’t hope to find a cheap container of perfect condition. Every equipment seller knows what he is selling. We often got requirements for good conditioned containers to buy with low price. It’s almost impossible because there is direct relation between price and quality of containers: cheap but with defects and good quality but with higher price..

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