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Container for delivery in bulk, Flexi containers for sending

Container is universal package; it is confirmed by the fact that the standard dry container of 20 feet can be also used for sending of bulked cargoes. Most orders for bulked shipments in containers are executed in tank containers, but if we are talking about non-hazardous goods, the usual sea container can also be used for the transportation of bulk. Of course, it doesn’t mean to pour liquid substance into the container. It’s possible to insert a tare in the container, which will prevent from contact the liquid with the container. This pad will be effective if it can withstand the pressure of liquid medium and won’t rub away from the walls of the container during movement. But a tare is not a barrel, like a tank. Of course, the tank is the most fundamental element in maintaining the integrity and security of the cargo and the container. But customers are interested in savings; and only the effect of saving will make the project of bulked containers be interesting from the market. And if to a metal shipping container we will add the weight of inner container, the size of the financial benefits will not reach the point of payback. For shipment all liquids are poured into the container as much as container makes it possible.

The solving of problem to send liquid cargo in dry containers becomes a special packing called a bag. Huge bag made of bonded fabric. It is called Flexi package. And the container itself filled with cargo is called Flexi container. This Flexi pad is able to withstand many turns of shipments of container; it is resistant to internal pressure and doesn’t wear away at the internal rubbing on the edges of the container. The reliability of Flexi tare is confirmed by years of using in shipments of liquid cargo in containers. The containers are filled to full capacity, about 30 tons. Filling passes through a special valve located in the upper part of the container after the Flexi package installation. Weight of the cargo is calculated according to the level of filled liquid. After filling, the valve is tightly closed and placed inside the container, its doors are closed and sealed. The discharge of liquid from the container is very simple, like in a transport tank. The inner container has a bottom valve for easy opening to empty.

The cost of packaging for liquid cargoes is not large. Depending on the manufacturer its price is 300-500 US dollars. But strict requirements are claimed to the container condition. Its task is to withstand internal pressure during transportation; if the container is already worn, then pouring 30 tons of liquid its walls can take the shape of a bubble. The pressure on the container with liquid cargoes is significantly more than at the usual dry transportation. The fluid moving in the direction opposite to the applied impulse from external sources is pressing with all its weight on each wall and the end of the container separately. The container should be strengthened to avoid damage to the metal walls. Our company organizes international and long-distance sending in Flexi containers with all latest advances in order to achieve the cheap shipment without accidental consequences for container and cargo.