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Container sending from the port of Japan. Kobe, Osaka, Yokohama.

Waterlocked Japan has to count on port and logistics services for its transportation in containers. Future of development of container shipments in Japan looks without any alternative. Main neighbors, consuming goods from Japan, are all the countries of the Pacific Ocean. Production from Japan has long been imposed on all continents of the world. End products are consumed in the USA, Canada, Russia, Australia. Japan has a unique location. The container flow is easily distributed to many directions of land and sea inland communication. In that case, if the project of the Northern sea route will be launched, then the shipping of containers to Europe will become faster and cheaper. For Japan, as for no other country, it is extremely beneficial and necessary to maintain working capacity of their container terminals, because all the country's exports depend on uninterrupted shipment of containers.

We work with containers from Japan in the following sea ports:

Due to the small container turnover, the cost of sea freight from Japan is slightly higher than similar distance routes from China or Korea. This does not influence the customers much who buy advanced technology products and equipment of last generation from Japan. Exported goods from Japan are the goods and units used by the global industry. Containers used for the transportation in Japan meet the requirements of the Japanese quality. Containers that we send from the ports of Japan or sell to our customers in this country are always in excellent condition, even containers that are considered as used. Japanese companies prepare equipment and other properly sized products transported in containers for delivery by sea very thoroughly. Containers from Japan like any other goods are well prepared to provide transportation from the beginning to the end without worries for the carrier and all parties of the contract. Japan flexibly reacts to changes in the global routes of container lines. When the service of any line encounters a difficulty, the container from Japan can be easily redirected to another route. In addition, delivery payment can be done on credit, so it is easier for the carrier to replace the vessel or container.

Order delivery of your container from Japan or purchase of a container from any port of Japan from our company.