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Container shipments to Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Peru and other countries of South America

Every year our company carries all types of sea containers, including dry cargo and refrigerated, from the countries of South America. There are all products starting from finely natural origin and to large industrial production gathered in the countries of this continent. Various products with unique properties are exported from South America. Also, there are containers with meat products from here. Import in containers is almost equal to export. Containers are shipped from China, Russia, Europe, the USA and many other regions by sea. The developed system of ports and container terminals allows organizing delivery of the containers in South America to the near transfer depot.

We have our experience of cooperation with all countries of the continent:

• Venezuela
• Ecuador
• Peru
• Brazil
• Bolivia
• Paraguay
• Chile
• Uruguay
• Argentina

and with the countries of the Caribbean, including Cuba, that significantly adds confidence in forces to send any container and cargo by sea, by railway or by truck.

We provide container shipment and within the continent. Our own offices are created for operational management of logistics of all transportations of our company in South America. Our employees provide the most convenient ways of container delivery for our clients. We can deliver oversized, consolidated, perishable and general cargoes. Large flow of containers with bulk cargoes goes for agricultural countries in South America. Specifically prepared containers are shipped from Europe to Argentina. The network of container depots and terminals are more spread in port zones on the East coast in the Caribbean region. For container turnover we always have a cargo of our partners in order to dry cargo or refrigerated container of 20 or 40 feet be not empty in stock. We reduce the additional costs of containers, that’s why the level of our prices for sea and road transportation does not increase apart of the same of linear services of sea operators.

One more our advantage in the region is the ability to buy or sell containers by the customer from us or with our help. We always have available new and used dry cargo and refrigerated containers for sea shipment. In the area of the ports of Brazil and Argentina all types of containers are widely represented. They are of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 45 feet. Request for transportation of the container in South America or the Caribbean region is interesting to us from each customer.