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Container for warehousing. New and used sea container of 20 ft, 40 ft to choose and to order.

Storage of containers is carried out year-round, mostly with 24 hours access to the sites, so the service on the use of containers for warehouse is quite common. There are no any special requirements for storage container; railway and sea containers of any size and any year of release can be used. You can buy new and used containers for storage; workmen’s shelters and cabins are also used for household needs, for storage. If we consider the railway and sea cargo metal containers, their use as a warehouse is limited only with spare space of the client where storage is planned to be organized. Containers are easy to place on top of each other, any truck crane can handle several tiers, and access to the upper floors of container yard is arranged with the help of a ladder. This solution is suitable for most general cargo. When the site does not allow you to use a container as a warehouse on the territory of the client, it is possible to keep the cargo in the container directly on the terminal. In this case separate area for loaded containers is allocated.

So, a container for warehouse is always possible to select from different sizes. 20 ft warehouse containers allow the placement of more than 30 cubic meters of goods in it, and 40 ft - more than 70 cubes. Containers-warehouses is the most mobile storage space, they do not need a separate transport, because most of trucks are able to transport every container. Having made a choice in favor of sea and railway containers or trailers, clients can be absolutely confident that their product is in safe area, isolated from external contact. We know cases when transport containers were organized in many floors for warehousing, which then were decorating with different materials: wood, plastic, etc. and it became to look like a full hangar. But not only metal containers are suitable for a warehouse. Wooden cabins, even though they are more expensive than their metal counterparts, are equally suitable for storage. Their aesthetic appearance allows you to place wooden warehouses in areas where railway and sea container spoil the overall picture.

There are a lot of variants of containers used for warehousing. Materials and sizes can vary under the most diverse demands. The market is adapting to the demand. For example, there are containers made of high-strength plastic, the life of such a storage container is almost eternal. Plastic container for cargo storage is easy to process after the completion of the operating cycle; it is easy to repair if tightness was lost. Our company offers to buy or to rent all kinds of containers as a warehouse. We advise on measures of effective use of container space, placing freight containers themselves. For warehousing any containers from 3 tons to 45 ft PALLET WIDE are available. All color options and any marking can be done according to customer orders.