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To buy a container tank for transportation of fuel and gas. Selecting and ordering of container tanks

Among the special container equipment container tanks stand out in its narrow specificity and suitability only for certain types of bulk and liquid cargoes, gases, etc. Container tank is the name for modified dry cargo container designed for liquid cargo transportation. As a railway tank this type of container is filled with different types of hazardous cargo and other liquid bulked cargo. The container tank is specialized for small kinds of goods, that’s why every manufacturer that sends your cargo in tanks, as a rule, has its own containers and puts the cost of them in the price of goods. The rules and rates for the lease of the tanks are very different and we cannot call a general principle for building it. Due to the fact that most hazardous cargoes are transported in tanks, requirements for companies that have access to the treatment of these containers are special. If conditions of transportation or operation of a container tank are broken, everything can end up in severe consequences for the transport and cargoes that are next to the hazardous loads. Not all types of cargo are accepted for transportation by sea container lines in container tanks. Mostly, there are long-term contracts for the delivery in the cooperation of manufacturers and carriers; and the terminals of ports and railway stations, specially adapted for container tanks and liquid bulk and liquid cargoes, are used.

After the container is empty, it undergoes processing of the complete clearance from the residue of hazardous cargo. Even an empty container tank can be harmful to the carrier, if the inner receptacle is not cleaned properly. Only authorized and licensed companies have the right for maintaining container tanks. They are responsible for their work. After cleaning, washing, steaming a container tank can be loaded with other goods. The tonnage of the cargo with the container tank itself is always about 30 tons, which creates some difficulties during road transportation. For trucking multi-container ships should be used to even up the load. Such containers are of 20 feet, but internal capacity may vary in structure. For container tanks various attachments, for example, refrigerating plants are used.

Tank containers are always bought for the transportation of cargo. Its usage for storing is possible in exceptional cases. To buy a container tank or order its delivery in loaded or empty form, or if necessary, to maintain technical service, it is enough to address to our company and we will arrange the whole process.