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To buy new and used 40 foot containers. Standard railway containers of 12 meters

The containers with a length of 12 meters, used for all types of transportation, are called dry cargo or sea and railway containers of 40 feet. Such containers are comparable in size with the trailer, but it is inferior in its volume. A standard 40 foot container is the most recent model among all 40 foot containers. It can be downloaded with 67 cubes of cargo. Such container can be carried even in tented cars. This container can be a substitution in contrailer shipments of goods. Its height does not exceed the established norm, that’s why it is the most universal container for all types of transport. In sea shipments of 40 foot standard container linear fees are lower due to the useful volume of the container, which he takes. And using modern methods of standard container loading it’s possible to place even oversized in length goods that will simplify transportation and will not require additional coordination with the railways and ports. This low 40 foot container is often demanded by truckers, because its metal walls protect the cargo much better than rubberized tent, and thus the container can be used for any heavy goods. After the carriage the container is taken back to the depot, and if the container it is no longer needed, the carrier pays only for use it.

It is possible to buy a 40 ft container for transportation, if the container was passed technical inspection in time that confirms its suitability for transportation. Low container has a height of 2.5 meters, so please take it into consideration when calculating shipment cost. It happens that the buyer of the container asks for a standard 40 foot container, missing that he means a container of 2.7 m; if you are not too knowledgeable in containers, you may not know that the containers are different. Unfortunately, this happens quite frequently, and therefore, we always stipulate the dimensions, not the type of a container to be purchased by our customers. This removes all the issues and errors in the actual delivery of the container.

40 foot containers are often used for warehousing, but it seems strange why they take this low standard container if they can find a 12 meter container of larger volume. Most buyers are interested in length of a container only, because the goods are not placed in the container to the ceiling, and the weight of low container as well as its height is lower. And it’s clear that a lower container is easier to transport. Any trailer is able to take for transportation such a container, so it is the issue of saving money.

Comparing the demand for the purchase of new or used containers of 40 feet, we can say that requests for new standard containers are increasing. The reason is that such containers due to their dimensions can be adapted for various purposes, including boiler room; and a standard size of a container allows placing it on any platform chassis, that is also the issue of significant saving. The cost of a used low container and a new varies significantly, unlike 20 foot containers. The price can be different even in 3 times that may be decisive in the choice of purchasing a new or a used container.

The price of container 40 feet