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Freight container of 60 feet and its various types

     Containers of 60 feet are the largest metal containers manufactured today. They are used quite rarely, and are made on request only. When the external length and width of a standard container is 2438 mm, 60-foot containers have the length 18326 mm. Special 18-foot flatcars for their transportation are used.






Types of 60-foot containers

     Standard containers of 60 feet are not produced, so each of them is made for the carriage of certain cargoes. The most common open-top containers (60OT) are used in the transportation of oversized cargo requiring intermediate storage and warehousing.

     Increased double-door 60-ton containers (60HCDD) are used when there is the necessity to transport bulky or heavy goods for which overload in the way is an unwanted operation. Their internal volume is about 110 cubic meters. Although this length of containers is not provided by the ISO standards, specialized enterprises produce them in any modifications.

Application of 18-meter containers

     Sale and rent of 60-foot containers is distributed relatively weak, because this is a very specific packaging, the reuse of which for the intended purpose is often difficult. It is convenient to transport and store the goods in it, but there are too many requirements for each shipment to agree.

     Is it profitable to buy a 60 foot container for storage, because they are sold in good condition, and they have a large volume. Having spent relatively little money on the purchase you can get a very large warehouse.

     60-foot containers for storage are purchased by farms, logistics companies, construction companies and small industrial enterprises. On the basis of such container it is possible to organize not only a warehouse, but also a small office or workshop.

     Despite the fact that 18-foot steel containers can be loaded not on every flatcar, it is possible to create mobile hostels, dining rooms, cabins on their basis. High strength and good metal used in their manufacturing allow exploiting them in any climatic conditions for long time.