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New refrigerated container and used. Sea-service refrigerated container of 20 feet

It’s clear the goods that require special temperature condition can be transported only in reefers but they also differ from each other in size and other technical characteristics. Here we will not take into account various properties of refrigerating plants but we will refer to the dimensions of REF container. Refrigerated containers can be of 20 feet and 40 feet. 20 foot reefer is a standard refrigerated container of small volume. Such container can be used for transporting cargo by sea, by railway and by truck without any limitation. Its size allows loading cargo of small volume. The advantage of a 20 foot Ref container is its energy costs. With cargo of small volume it is easier for refrigerating plant to cope with maintaining the desired temperature, and the space inside the container is easier to be ventilated, so the load is more evenly amenable to refrigeration. It is likely that some consignors are interested in compactness when choosing a 20 foot type of reefers.

While transporting by trucks a refrigerated container is connected to the connectors of the truck with standard way. But a 20 foot container cannot be put on the rear axle of container ship, because the container does not provide for such a long chain connection. For this reason, transportation of this container requires a universal container platform, or short, special for 20 foot container. The same is with railway transport; 20 foot container must be connected to the power: the end of the container is to the nearest power section. Refrigerating plant does not need often servicing. The period of exploitation is longer than of a long Ref container. The cost of containers of 20 feet, like other types of reefers, consists of the price of refrigerating plant itself, and therefore when buying a Ref container of small volume you won’t get strong economy. Before buying a Ref container of 20 ft it’s better to calculate the economic feasibility of using refrigerating plant of this volume. Anyway, our experts advise the clients on all questions, including which type of container in length is the most profitable to purchase. Moreover, it is possible to purchase a 20 ft container under the terms of the sale, which is a great deal.

Among 20 foot refrigerated containers there are types of low and high containers, broad and narrow. It is impossible to list all types of containers. Reefers of 20 feet are not always available, and not in all points of sale, ports and railway stations. Planning carriage in such container you should apply for 20 ton refrigerated containers in advance. We will select and reserve a container necessary for the client as soon as possible.


Prices for 20-foot refrigerated containers used