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Sea Flat rack container of 20 feet. Sale and rent of new and used 20-ton FR container without walls

     For transportation of oversized cargo you should buy a 20-foot FLAT RACK container or to rent it. It is most often used for multimodal transportation of unique equipment, which cannot be loaded in standard container because of its weight and dimensions. The main advantage is the possibility to load cargo from the top and both sides that is often impossible in containers with doors.

20-ton containers for oversized cargo are produced without sides in several versions:

     • With fixed end walls - Fixed Ends Flat Rack;
     • With folding end walls - Collapsible Ends Flat Rack;
     • Without end walls with fixed beams;
     • With folding edge beams.

     20-foot FR containers do not protect the transported equipment or goods from external influences neither in the sea nor in railway shipments. Their main purpose is a safe fixing of cargo, which can be easily handled using standard lifting mechanisms in a port or a terminal and a logistics company. For use with standard locking devices, these containers are equipped with standard fittings.

Advantages of sea 20-foot Flat Rack containers 

     Sale of containers without walls allows not only greatly facilitate the transportation of equipment with non-standard dimensions, but also significantly shortens the time of loading and unloading operations. As a rule, the absence of side walls facilitates removal of fasteners, especially in non-standard equipment

     To buy a 20-foot FLAT RACK container is possible at a lower price because its production requests significantly less metal and protective coating. It should be noted that 20-foot containers of all types have the best ratio of price to weight of transported cargo. External dimensions of Flat Rack platform are exactly the same that the dimensions of 20DC container.

Choice of 20-ton FR containers for transport purposes

     New and used 20-foot FLAT RACK containers are widely used in road and railway transportations. Their application allows manufacturers to abandon the development of individual containers for bulky heavy items. Any special or unique equipment with unusual sizes can be easily fixed in a container and sent to the recipient.