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Sea and railway containers for sending. New and used 20 ft, 40 ft containers for transporting.

Containers are constructed for sending goods; this function is initially intended for container tare. For this reason, containers for transportation are also called railway and sea containers. In transport containers everything is facilitated for handling them in the warehouse, with the crane mechanisms, transporting by truck and in the ports and railway stations. Even if the customer uses a container for shipment of its product for the first time, it is not difficult to place the cargo in the container, write all the necessary information into the shipping documents and seal the container. Containers for cargo shipments, unlike other transport equipment, for example wagons, can be loaded from the earth and from the truck. Railway and sea containers should contain their numbers, abbreviation indicating the size, capacity, manufacturing date and the date of the last maintenance. All this information should be written on the container so that the container was adopted for sending.

For sending we can use as the most common types of containers of 20 feet and 40 feet, standard dry cargo and other containers, as the others including sea and railway containers of 45 feet, PALLET WIDE containers, OPEN TOP, FLAT TRUCK, refrigerated containers of various dimensions. Every standard and special container for shipment has a combination of marks for its identification. The main accounting element of a freight container is its number. The number consists of 4 letters, which are also called prefix of the container; letters in the number are always English (if some containers have national symbols, such containers with cargo are circulating only within that country). Then 7-digit numeric code is following after the letters in the container number. Each container number is unique. If the containers are written off from the depot, the owner should remove information about it from the list of sea and railway containers. For handling of freight container its number should be recognized at the different places of the container. If the port or station crane can see only the roof of the container, so in this case the number of the container should be duplicated on the top. When the container is in the pack among other containers, the number can be seen from any side.

Containers for sending are made of metal only. This material is the most universal; it can withstand the required loads, preventing them from getting moisture into the container, and remaining in sealed condition after collisions in freight operations. Among the shipping containers we offer all known types of containers. If the client requires a new container for sending, we will organize its delivery. Term of operation of freight containers depends on the condition of the body of the container and its elements. Most of freight containers can be seen at our website.