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Sea container shipments in Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur

Thailand plays an important role in the global economy and in container logistics. Shipment of cargo from Thailand in containers can be organized by sea, this is historical and geographical necessity of the country. Thailand region consists of large trading ports and container terminals, such as:


They are the ports of Thailand itself and Indonesia and Singapore too. The total volume of all containers passing through the transport hub equals the volume of all containers sent from China. Of course, we should pay attention to transit potential of the region. All ships following the DEEPSEA direction pass through the pool of Thailand; and all ports located here use it.

Variety of cargoes shipped in containers from Thailand is great (from clothing and fine jewelry to technological constructions). Location of Singapore financial centre close to Bangkok helps to grow businesses and to attract production to its region. Containers from here go on various sea routes (from neighboring Australia and China to the USA, American continents and Eurasia).

Our company has a permanent office in Thailand to make container service more interesting to our customers. In Thailand the most common form of transportation is by truck. A small country compactly accommodates its production facilities close to the ports and container terminals. Speed of loading and container shipment by sea from this region is a good advantage for cargo transportation in containers from Bangkok and other ports located near it.

Our staff in Thailand is always ready to communicate with your suppliers, to agree the date of loading and container delivery for loading to the factory or to postpone shipment without damage to sea transportation and without fines from the shipping lines. We work with linear service of all large and small companies, arrange transportation of loaded and empty containers on direct routes and feeder vessels.

Of course, container service in Thailand is always available for our clients. It is possible to buy containers for the client in any container terminal of Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand. All types of new and used containers are used. Fill an application for calculation of shipment.  We are always available for our clients.