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Shipment of containers and cargoes from China, sea freight and railway shipment

Containers from China are dispatched by sea and by railway. There are direct shipping lines between continents, speed container trains run along the directions China-Kazakhstan/Europe/Russia. The whole world trades with China, and, therefore, the number of containers involved into circulation in China strongly dominates over other routes of container shipments on the planet. Container turnover in China has three directions: all growing domestic transportation of containers on the territory of the country, import and export. Our service on container transportation from China focuses on the last two directions - export and import. We work with continental shipment of containers by railway from China through the territory of the transit countries to Europe, Russia, and with shipping lines providing all routes of containers in the world. To facilitate commodity of container deliveries we offer our customers to divide cargoes into several lines. Thus for large container shipments from China the client is insured from delays of cargoes in transit.

Our container service from China covers all sea ports and railway stations, such as:

·         GUANGZHOU

·         XIAMEN

·         SHENZHEN

·         HONG KONG

·         NINGBO

·         SHANGHAI

·         QINGDAO

·         TANSSIN

·         DYLAN


And border crossing points



Additional service from China demanded by our clients is the search of goods, factories and providing consulting services on the Chinese side. We organize attraction of suppliers and manufacturers for our clients. And then after signing the contract we assume functions for delivery of container cargo to the recipient. Any schemes are possible, even when the supply of goods is for the third party, on behalf of the third party or other options.

Get a complete package of services for containers from China in our company. The price of railway shipment from China and the cost of sea freight in all ports of China are provided to our clients promptly after each request.