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Shipment of goods in consolidated container in all international directions.

Combined cargo transportations are widely accepted, especially in areas where the volume of container traffic is great. Combined cargo transportation means a delivery of goods of different items and destination in a single container. Consolidated containers are the same dry, of 20 feet, 40 feet, refrigerated containers. All types of containers, except for liquid cargoes, are used. All kinds of goods placed under a single container roof should be suitable for the joint shipment; properties of the cargo should not suffer when they are close to each other. Consolidated containers often keep General cargo to minimize the risks in combined transportation. Consolidated containers are provided in the international routes and shipments inside the country. They differ in number of recipients, senders. Excise and dangerous goods are not normally loaded in such containers. Of course, all goods are insured according to their declared value, but it is easier to secure container beforehand than to wait for the payment from the insurance company.

The choice of the type of combined transportation depends primarily on the level of economy during transportation. The financial effect of combining several items into one shipping container will be visible to the client, but it is not always very different from loading of a full container. Everything depends on the volume and weight of cargo sending. The whole price shall be prepared in such a way that the higher the weight and volume of cargo, the less the customer shall pay per cubic meter, or per kilogram. But when the customer's cargo in the container exceeds half of volume or capacity of the sea or railway container, then combined transportation does not look so attractive. Let’s consider the case when the client has cargo which volume is filling 20 ft container; we can compare the price of such shipment with combined sending in a half loaded 40 ft container. It is clear that the client will not be able to get the best price of consolidated container, if large consignments of goods are shipped. In the second place combined container shipping is appreciated in time of delivery, resulting from the time of consolidation, time of loading the cargo into the container, and time of the transportation by sea, by railway or by truck. The most important here is the time for cargo waiting the start of its sending in a warehouse.

Company FUTOVIC organizes consolidated container shipping by truck, by railway, by sea in all various international directions and shipments within the country. Services are provided in consolidated transportation within the USA, Europe, China, Korea, India, Thailand, Taiwan, Russia. Give us the volume of the goods for calculation and we will give you an offer for consolidated container, saving your money and time for delivery. Mixed and direct consolidated container shipping is available with a high level of service.