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Transportation and storage of containers in Moscow terminals. To buy a container in Moscow and in Moscow region.

    Moscow is a logistics centre is not only for the Central part but for the whole Russia; the concentration of container sites and terminals serving all areas of the country carries different difficulties for operational work, but it is necessary for operation of transport hub. The main types of working for container transportation in Moscow are railway and motor transport, and storage of loaded and empty containers. 

The volumes of largest producers in the world are aimed at Moscow, so the workload of urban stations and depots is constant. In recent years the program of reforming the structure of container security is executing, which is reflected in the principles of operation of all container sites and railway stations. Container delivery in Moscow falls under restrictions in the daytime. The city is cleared of freight traffic during working hours. The principle that manages the container turnover in Moscow is the question about the removal of all container facilities outside the capital infrastructure. After joining the WTO Russia might attract major players engaged in the management of container terminals worldwide. At present there is a shortage of real complexes for container handling in Moscow.

   Our company organizes sending of containers to Moscow, from Moscow or in Moscow by railway from any station of Moscow and Moscow region; and using motor transport we will provide a container and ship it in any direction. Moscow temporary storage warehouses can process import and export container flows. A large number of container trains from Europe and Asia have a direct communication with Moscow. Transport conglomerate reached the turnover of land containers in a few thousand of TEU weekly. Moscow is not only a consumer, a large number of containers ship from here to nearby regions and throughout the country.

   Having accumulated the container terminals within one city, Moscow still does not let regions neighboring Moscow develop.Logistics is built in such a way that empty containers are stored near Moscow, trucks have to follow to the capital to pick up an empty container for loading it in Tula, Yaroslavl, Smolensk, etc. Purchase and sale of containers in Moscow are also concentrated in Moscow. There is a choice of railway and sea containers only in Moscow, so to buy a used or new container in Moscow is much easier than trying to find it in Ryazan or Tver. Containers in Moscow are stored on the borders of the city and beyond it almost everywhere from south to north. This is due to the general plan of Moscow and provision of regions with containers. According to the future prospects of Moscow terminals for handling of containers will appear in Moscow region also after the first stage of a new auto road construction passing over the region around Moscow is finished.