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3 ton railway containers, selling and customization

3 ton container belongs to the class of low-tonnage containers. Its dimensions and the capacity are not the smallest among the containers presented today, but due to its size it stands apart. Its uniqueness appeared due to the bad condition of the most containers, remaining in operation, and it is rather a big disadvantage. As a rule, 3 ton railway containers are of wretched state. This is reflected in the external, visual indicators of the container and its technical condition. Although, in its favor is the cost of the container. The purchase price of 3 ton containers is rather small and in average among the regions of Russia it does not exceed the equivalent of $500, and that small cost makes 3 ton container attractive for various applications.

And to apply this 3 ton container is possible in many cases. If in the past it was possible to meet the trains on the railways loaded with low-tonnage containers, nowadays transportation of 3 ton container is not a frequent phenomenon. The main reason of it is expensive maintenance of mechanisms of 3 ton containers to handle them. All new stations and terminals are deliberately settled under international norms of types of containers, so fewer railway platforms remains in working with containers of 3 tons. There is such a closed process of refusal of 3 ton containers. Growth of cargo transportation in standard containers makes to accept for work cranes and other equipment which are used to process such containers, and old mechanisms that are able to handle containers of 3 tons are written off. In the process of further modernization of the technical base of railways 3 ton containers will be fully rejected. You should not ignore that the quality of used 3 ton containers is better, they are strong and hard, that’s why they are still used even after 10 years of failure on their release. 3 ton containers are leaving railways, but they are still used in delivery by truck without any restrictions, so this small used container can save money to its owner. The easiest way to carry 3 ton container is to use optical drive or on-board machine. The weight of 3 ton container is slightly more than half a ton and no need to use heavy cranes for its maintenance.

It is possible to buy a 3 ton container for a small warehouse.  Almost 5 cubes of useful volume will provide warehousing for small goods. 3 ton railway container can be often found in suburban areas or on the local area. It's really good to have it for small household utensils, and it will not occupy a lot of space. The used container can be painted to make it more pleasant to look. For customers who want to buy an identical container to 3 ton container in the new design, we can produce it from steel or steel sheeting.

3 ton container price