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Container shipments by sea, by railway and by truck in the USA and Canada, oversized and consolidated container shipments

Both coasts of the USA are of the same value in transportation of container communication. If the Pacific Ocean is connected with the trade with the countries of Oceania and South-East Asia, then the Atlantic Ocean is connected with Europe, South America and Africa. The United States of America, together with Canada, have the best support of their ports and terminals for containers. The world economy is concentrated on relations with Canada and the United States. Both countries consume the products of all 4 continents and export their goods in equal degree for each of them. In North America equipment for the manufacturing industry is produced and shipped to Europe, China, India, Russia and other countries. Long-term contracts of enterprises of the continent with the rest of the world have good outlook for volume of container turnover for future decades. Container lines compete for the volume which falls on their container ships.

Unlike the USA, for Canada it is more difficult to maintain its container terminals in operation all year round. Northern conditions create difficulties for winter service, so for Canada it is easier to develop terminals of Vancouver and Halifax, than to increase the number of ports on the northern coast.

Both countries have a good network of roads and railway lines that reduces the cost of container transportation between the points of loading and unloading. It is well known that in the United States containers are transported by railway in 2 floors. It is beneficial for loading on railway and allows enterprises of railway to compete with tariffs of shipping lines and to attract additional container cargo. Mixed communication for sending of containers is widely used in North America. In general, the entire logistics infrastructure really allows using of all possible methods of sale and storage, and transportation of goods in containers. In the United States all possible types of containers are used. Dry cargo containers of 8, 10, 12, 20, 24, 30, 36, 40 and 45 feet for all types of cargo are different in their internal structure. These containers are rarely seen in Europe, but there they are always in demand, so the production of such containers in China is focused on selling them to North America, where there are no restrictions on standards of containers. Motor and railway transport always take cargo for shipping in containers of any weight. Specialized OPEN TOP containers, tank containers are available in terminals in the USA and Canada. Oversized and liquefied gas are the main goods for these types of containers.

Our company has offices in the USA and in Canada. We organize any type of transportation from the beginning to the end, coordinate its moving and process documents. We can send a container from China to the USA or from America to Europe, Russia.

The delivery time of containers in North America is not great, because the containers are always following without sorts for long distances, and the schedule of arrivals at ports is very dense; containers are not waiting for more than 3-5 days, if the client does not need additional work with the cargo in the container.

There is always a great variety of containers for sale in the USA and Canada including Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, New York City, Washington, Los Angeles, Seattle.