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Purchase of high 40 foot containers. New and used 40 HC are available

High 40 foot container is a container of larger volume; in comparison with a standard container 40 HC allows placing inside almost 10 cubic meters of cargo more. As such container has large operating volume it is used for transportation of light but large cargoes. And therefore safety margin of increased 40HC is more than others. HC containers are better preserved, they have less internal defects obtained during the operation. These all are due to the fact that sent cargo does not spoil the container. But this is not a rule for all high 40 foot containers, and it would not be out of place to check its condition before buying it or sending goods in it. Any container needs servicing, and even if a good condition of inner side of the container is an advantage, external damage is often taken into accounts even more. To place the cargo in a larger container is easier; the height of the pallet is not a big limitation and rigging of the goods during loading is usually easier to perform. The loader also has more opportunities for unloading. The cost of such containers is a little bit higher than the cost of a standard container of 40 feet, and sometimes even less, and because of the difference in 25 cm high containers are preferable for cargo operations

Sea 40 HIGH QUBE container is used in many types of shipments. With the development of technical devices and transportation mechanisms there is almost no difference which of the 40 feet containers to handle at the terminal, or to accept for shipment by road. Their dimensions exceed the standard height, and you should take it into consideration when loading it on a regular semi-trailer. But modern trailers are produced with the standard low-frame platforms and to find a suitable container car is not a problem. The length of the high container is 12 meters, the same as of a standard 40 foot container, and therefore there is no need to develop crane and other mechanisms under the separate container. Railway takes increased containers for carriage and the tariff is the same for all containers of 40 feet. Tare weight of the container depending on the manufacturer is from 3.5 to 3.9 tons. And depending on the weight of goods, if the container is full, cargo operations can be performed with the crane of lifting capacity from 15 to 30 tons.

It is always possible to buy a high 40 foot container because of the high prevalence of this type of container. The containers are always available in all stations, and the selection of containers is always possible. To use this container like any other is possible in many areas. The used high containers as well as new ones are very common. Choose the option that suits you and contact us for 40 HC containers. We sell only dry and totally enclosed increased 40 ft containers.

The price of container 40 ft HIGH CUBE