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Sending of containers with oversized cargo on routes of auto, railway and sea freight.

There are several options of container transportation for goods which width, length or height exceeds the size of the doorway, or the size of railway or sea container. We have experience to ship oversized cargo in containers. There are separate types of dry containers for large commodity places that can solve most problems of modern logistics in the field of non-standard cargoes. On our website there are types of containers that allow organizing the layout of the cargo for loading from 2 ends of the container, when setting long measures from the side of the container of 20 feet and 40 feet, when loading the container top way. FLAT TRUCK containers are the most “oversized”. They have a removable ends and sides in some models. It becomes a platform for any kind of cargo; it can be arranged to make the degree of oversize in height, width, or length be minimal.

Let’s make it clear what the degree of oversize is. Each consignment having oversized characteristics is divided into levels that will affect the cost of shipping and selecting mounting in the container. It turns out that the smaller oversized cargo is, the lower the cost of its transportation is. There is a direct dependence between how correct layout of oversized cargo in the container is selected and the best price for delivery. Load securing is the most important stage during transportation and for oversized cargoes especially.  Besides, the shipper is unable to perform work on the implementation of fastening of the cargo, if it does not have qualified personnel who have permission from transportation agencies to engage in such work. The scheme of fastening requires approval of the railway engineer or of the inspectorate for road transport or of the Department of oversized transport of sea traffic, depending on what type of delivery you choose.

When the package exceeds the norm of loading of container in height, then OPEN TOP container is selected, if in width - then FLAT TRUCK container. For other goods, there are many options and ways to avoid sending cargo in a specialized container, and use ordinary dry container of 20 feet or 40 feet instead. Before oversized loading, container is prepared to ensure reliable placing of cargo in it according to the scheme. The scheme of loading is required in any case and we undertake its coordination. After all preparatory procedures the pallet with the oversize comes under special ramps that enter into a container and rise into the prepared grooves for safe installation in transit exactly according to the scheme. We organize all kinds of oversized shipment and bear the insurance liability to the client that makes us the best partner.