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To buy new and used containers by installment, on credit or in leasing

It is possible to buy a container relatively cheap, if the initial payment is taken into account for any type of container. Prices for budget dry cargo container of 20 ft, 40 ft and for a new refrigerated container are very different.

 We offer a wide range of services. Any offered container can be bought on credit from a few months to a year, cutting the starting payment in 10 times. To pay container by installments will be convenient mostly for small businesses or individuals with the purchase of single containers and when you plan to take a large quantity of containers. You can buy railway or sea containers by installment in every city where we have our office. Time for consideration of an application does not take more than few days. Become our client and take advantage buying containers on a regular basis.

Purchase of a cheap container using a credit scheme is also a common product of the company. Our clients buy on credit both standard and specialized containers. Immediately after confirmation of the loan, the container is given a release, enabling the use of the container for transportation or storage. You use a container and pay contributions to the Bank in accordance with the scheme of the Treaty. The loan can be arranged in all cities where the branches of the banks participating in the program exist. We do not hide the interest on credit and amount of overpayment, but the interest rate on the loan varies depending on country and region of the sale of the container, the condition and type of the container, and the history of the customer's work with our company. Buying standard sea and railway containers of 20 and 40 feet you will get the overpaid amount of approximately 30% of the cost of a new or used container.

And finally, it becomes real to buy a container with no initial costs using financial leasing of containers. To buy container in leasing is easier than it seems to many buyers of various containers. The service is actual for the consignment of containers starting from 10 pieces. Mostly large companies which are expecting their business on a long term basis are interested in products of leasing. Our clients buy railway and sea containers of various modifications in leasing. It is very convenient for the company to sign a leasing Contract with the plant producing containers. A large part of leasing Contracts is issued to the new containers, that’s why we have mentioned the issue of sales organization directly from the factory. New containers are easier to evaluate and take stock of, unlike used containers, which history is difficult to reproduce, because their owners can change several times a year. Decide if you want to buy a container with a small down payment or without it, and please contact us on any question of container purchase.