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Mediterranean container shipment by sea. Shipment in southern Europe by truck.

Countries located in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea are separated with channels for outputs to the zone of the Black sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Equator. Container transportations from the countries of southern Europe are divided into three of these mentioned sea routes. The main countries of the region which our company is developing container transportation from are:
• Turkey
• Greece
• Albania
• Bulgaria
• Montenegro
• Macedonia
• Croatia
• Italy
• France
• Spain
Countries of the same sector can be named are:
• Israel
• Lebanon
• Syria

Many container ports and terminals are presented in the area close to the Mediterranean. The advanced economies of all these countries are continuously working for the receipt and dispatch of cargo in containers. Our offices in southern Europe are perfectly oriented in diversity of linear services and methods of container delivery within the territory of the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, including ferry shipments of containers and container cars. Any combination of transport for container delivery to Asia, Africa, America and for the transportation of containers between the ports of Europe is possible.

Major container ports of the region are Haifa, Antalya, Burgas, Athens, Naples, Genoa, Marseille, Barcelona, Valencia, and many other terminals for handling containers. There are all kinds of services on storage, overloading of containers, use of warehouses for cargo handling and warehouses of temporary storage. All types of containers are available for the organization of transportation of consolidated cargoes, oversized and bulk cargoes, including oil.

You can use different routes of transportation for container shipment by truck in the southern Europe. Transit country is determined by agreement with the client, but does not play a big role in the planning of container shipment. To arrange container shipment from the countries of southern Europe is easy because of many container depots located on its territory. The container car can always leave an empty container in any place convenient for the client without refund of the container to the port of shipment. Such substitution is very convenient when working with linear and own containers.

The purchase and sale of containers in the region is organized at a high level. For each client we can find suitable new and used containers. 10 ft, 20 ft, 30 ft, 40 and 45 ft containers are used for all types of cargoes.