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Purchase and quick buying-out of different types of containers, new and used 20 ft, 40 ft containers.

   Services for sale of containers should be always followed with service on buying-out of railway and sea containers. Our company FUTOVIK can organize purchase of all possible types of containers. 

Our clients trust us, because our work for purchase of containers is performed on the high level. We do not give wrong information just to draw clients to work with us. Our service for buying new and used containers covers all countries that helps to organize shipment of containers after processing the transaction. We are ready to examine all schemes for the sale of containers. The customer can bring its container to our terminal, informing us about it beforehand. We order the slot for the container to the port, or issue a release on container railway terminal or simply warehouse for dry storage and other kinds of containers, so it is not necessary to wait for the arrival of our trucks for transportation and loading the client’s container. Our specialists for container equipment are available free of charge and in a short time to conduct an inspection of the container, if there is a client's request or our company’s need. For example, such case may appear when the container is possibly remains available for use by railway or sea transportation. The inspector will check if the container is serviceable and has all marks on the container, will tell about his recommendations. The second, the most common form of the on-site inspection in purchase of containers, is the examination of refrigerated containers of 20 feet and 40 feet. Our company can check hinged refrigerating equipment of containers, identify problems, if there are any, on the place of location of the container. We have at our disposal the means of mobile monitoring condition of any container.

 We buy all possible brands and types and dimensions of standard dry cargo and specialized containers. Purchase of containers of 10 feet, 20 feet, 40 and 45 feet, PALLET WIDE containers, tank containers, workmen’s shelters and others, and details of them can be found on the pages of our website. We came to the conclusion that sometimes the client should spend a small amount for repair of the container, but the sale price of the updated container will become noticeably more attractive. But each case is different depending on the container condition, time that the seller is ready to wait to complete the transaction. One of the ways to sell a container expensive that we offer is restoring freight container, which functioned in warehousing before, for transporting. In this case the container price will rise approximately for 20 %.

   We buy out containers in a short period of time from the moment of receipt of the application from the client, but before it we propose to send us pictures of the container by mail to make the conclusion about current market value of warehouse or shipping container.



Purchase of containers

The maximum file size 8 MB (gif, jpg, png)
The maximum file size 8 MB (gif, jpg, png)
The maximum file size 8 MB (gif, jpg, png)