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Selling of 40 ft OPEN TOP containers with possibility to load from the top

OPEN TOP containers are used knowing that upper access to content is required. The situations may be quite different, it is not necessary to list them. Each client can imagine convenience and time saving when handling or using open top container of 40 ft for storage. 40 ft OPEN TOP containers can be standard in size and increased in height. It may be that you require a HIGH QUBE container for transportation; and by using a low container with open top cargo will not get in the envelope and the tent will not suit the niche, therefore, it is necessary to consider all options of 40 foot OPEN TOP, and not only its length, which is 12 meters. 40 ft container can be used instead of open wagon; we can put it on a railway platform. This way of operating with cargo shipments in 40 OT containers is known and used by some shippers. Container railway equipment becomes more universal. To avoid any unnecessary approvals for consignments by sea and railway, you can use 40 containers OPEN TOP with metal frame instead of tent. This will help to achieve greater security of cargo shipments and protect the cargo from potential access. It happens that for shipments in OPEN TOP containers high-tech bulky goods are provided, and you should insure during transportation by truck and railway.

There are many possible solutions on the basis of a 40 foot OT container. One of them is usage of such containers as the body for bulk cargo. Its convenience, for example for metal rolling, is more than obvious. The cost of 40 ft OT container is below the cost of metal automobile body. In case of breakdown or fatal defects of the container the equipment can be easily replaced. So with small costs the customer receives a cheap transportation and storage solution for cargo with top stuffing. The uniqueness of 40 ft OPEN TOP container impacts on its demand. This container can be sometimes bought only with pre-order; it can be rarely met without exploitation. Used containers should be checked carefully before buying, because defects in construction can bring to an expensive repair. There is a large number of injuries in resale 40 ft OT containers. The price of these worn-out containers is low, but the quality of such container will not suit everyone.

There is also a proposal for the sales of non-original OT containers of 40 ft. Containers with cut roof are cheaper than the original containers. There should be the purpose considered what exactly OPEN TOP container is purchased for. It is likely that a remade container is a suitable solution, if the container is required urgently. Please contact us for selection and for advice on the containers. Partnership with us will be valuable for any kind of logistical services for every company.

The price of container 40 feet OPEN TOP used