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Refrigerated containers. Insulated and refrigerated container equipment

For perishable goods the only opportunity of prolonged or rapid container shipping is to use refrigerated containers for transportation that are guaranteed to provide temperature for any commodity. Reefers are widely spread around the world and the quality of these containers allows sending organic, food products and those that demand special temperature conditions for large distances. A refrigerated container is equipped with a refrigerating plant. This is a sort of similar refrigerating auto trailer but among containers. For working a refrigerator must be connected to the power supply. This is the main component of the transportation and processing at transit points for reefers. If there is a power loss, reefer cannot function for maintaining the temperature. Modern refrigerating plants are very economical and allow automatically ensuring the necessary conditions of transportation. Shipping by a Ref container is much more expensive for standard transportation, because in addition to the high cost of handling, maintenance and storage Ref containers, sea and railway carriers impose surcharges for carriage under separate terms of Ref goods.

When in freight transportation the refrigerating plant does not function, the container becomes isothermal. Such container is in demand for shipments of many kinds of goods to prevent moisture and temperature drop during transportation. An example for it is transportation of wooden furniture or plastic sports accessories. For the owner of the cargo it is easier to secure himself from possible consequences of a standard shipment in containers and he protects his cargo by shipping it in the reefer. Reefers are often used in agriculture. In order not to equip expensive warehouse for storage with temperature control, it is much easier to buy a refrigerated container, which is easier to be repaired and maintained even by a person far from refrigerating plants. If breakdown of a main component of refrigerating plant you can simply replace it with a new or used one of this type. All refrigerated containers are unified and working plants from different manufacturers fit any type of container.

The cost of Ref containers varies greatly depending on the technical condition of the insulated floors, other parts of the container and the year of issue of the refrigerating plant. The cost of reefers does not differ according to the manufacturer. We understand that the choice of a container for temperature storage of cargo is also a technical question, which means that the buyer will need test the plant, check the quality of the container. All these services are provided directly at the terminal. Besides, for refrigerated containers the passport control and accounting card equipment are necessarily issued. The warranty period for refrigerated containers depends on the year of production and from the refrigerating plant. New REF containers exceed several times the cost of used containers. Ref containers are evaluated individually, so available containers and their costs are better to request separately.

Prices for refrigerated containers