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20 HC OPEN SIDE container and standard 20DC

     Sea OPEN SIDE container of 20 feet is unique. It combines the reliability and high protective properties of the standard 20DC and convenience of loading platform or flat rack. Having standardized dimensions and versatile mounting elements for fixing on board of a ship, railway platform or in the back of the car, it has doors not only in the end, but along the long side.





Structural features of 20 OS container

          1. It has a reinforced design that allows loading heavy goods and equipment;

          2. Depending on which of the side walls is opened, there are the following modifications;

               • DS (Dual side opening) - both side walls can be opened;

               • LHS (Left Hand Side Opening) – can be opened left-side wall only;

               • RHS (Right Hand Side Opening) – can be opened right-side wall only;

          3. To buy OPEN SIDE container of 20 feet is possible with one or two end doors. Some manufacturers produce models that do not have end doors;

          4. In Eastern Europe these containers were manufactured for the transportation of fuel in barrels and various chemicals. Structurally, they were different with the presence of a special steel grille on the floor and tray to drain transported liquid in case of a leak.

     New 20 ft OPEN SIDE container is often bought by the military. It is very convenient for transportation of machinery, ammunition or equipment, and further it is used as a warehouse. Such container is very convenient for loading and unloading, but its cost is relatively high.

Advantages of application of 20 OS container

          • The possibility to load large and very heavy equipment in it;

          • Free access to any corner because of the fully open side wall;

          • The container can be loaded and unloaded without removing it from the truck or railway platform;

          • Special mounting fixing elements allow you to fix the goods quickly and reliably.

     Sale of used containers of 20 ft (doors on all sides) is carried out at relatively low prices. This is partly due to the fact that they are designed for inner transportations. Typically, they are used once for multimodal transportation by manufacturers of complex technological equipment or military equipment. Further they are succesfully used for storage.

     The cost of OPEN SIDE container of 20 feet depends on its design features and the quality of materials used. Some manufacturers make the side doors not from corrugated metal but sheet metal. This container is very useful for power plant or process equipment. In the accident it is easy to access to any part of the unit, and there is no need to reserve a spot inside for these purposes.