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40-foot OPEN SIDE container

     The price of 40 ft OPEN SIDE container corresponds to its consumer qualities. Using this container for transporting of oversized or very heavy cargo, the carrier or the sender may have high reliability of sealed dry container and convenience of loading characteristic of open platforms. All loading and unloading operations can be carried out not only through the front doors, but through the open side walls along the container also.





Peculiarities of design of 40OS container

     Usually OPEN SIDE containers are manufactured on request, that allows the manufacturer to incorporate the requirements of the buyer. They can be made with two opening side walls, or one rigidly fixed and the other is movable. The presence and quantity of finished doors can also be specified in the order. Versions with one, two or without any end doors are valid. The selling price of 40OS container is dependent on the buyers’ requirements.

     Loading capacity, inner volume, overall dimensions of sea 40-ton FULL OPEN container are not different from standard dry (DC) container of appropriate length and height. Containers with the increased height can be used effectively. Since this type of packaging is designed to move heavy loads, its floor is further enhanced.

Application of 40OS container

     The main part of the containers with opening side walls is used for domestic transportations. Usually for multimodal transportations involving a sea stage, they are used only once. A very large area of the seals on all doors does not guarantee protection from sea destroying factors with repeated use. So to buy 40-foot OPEN SIDE container cheaply in excellent condition is possible on the terminals of Company.

     It is very profitable to use it for the delivery of goods by truck and railway. Moreover, a container cannot even be removed from the platform or truck for loading and unloading. Having opened the side door fully, you can use existing equipment very effectively or to use a large number of workers simultaneously.

     Used OPEN SIDE containers are purchased by the manufacturers of mobile power plants, compressors and other equipment. This allows to get fitted autonomous technological modules for carriage by any mode of transport with minimal cost. These modules are in demand at remote construction sites.

     To use such container is possible as a commercial pavilion, a mobile office center, a mobile workshop or warehouse. It is very important that this module can be easily delivered to the remote object and used as directed immediately.